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Anelise Sanchez

Born in San Paolo, she has been living in Italy since 2001 and has worked for Metropoli, Internazionale, Rai News 24 and Associated Press. On her blog: Post-italy.com she writes about Italian culture, traditions, customs and landscapes.

Valentina Dainelli

Valentina is 100% Tuscan, she lives and works in the Mugello area, from where she writes about her dolce vita on her blog TooMuchTuscany.

Georgette Jupe

On her popular "Girl in Florence" blog, Georgette covers her life experiences in Florence, conducts interviews with locals and offers custom travel tips for numerous destinations around the world.

Edoardo Pucciarelli

Edoardo is a Web Marketing Consultant in love with Tuscany. He co-founded My Travel in Tuscany where he gives tips for travelers about places to see, especially the hidden ones.

Elena Nacci

Tuscany-born, Mom and blogger at TuscanyChic.com. Loves to discover the endless treasures of Tuscany, including great Tuscan recipes!

Elena Tedeschi

Independent traveller, blogger, roadtripper and sea lover, with a desire to explore.

Elisa Orlando

Elisa works in a winery in Tuscany and her biggest passion besides wine is photography. On her blog "In Giro con Piccinaccia", she loves to describe places through words and images.

Luke and Nell

Luke and Nell are the UK couple behind the walking travel blog "What if we walked?". They are passionate about exploring the world on foot, and have a particular specialism in Europe and Italy.