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Do you have a blog/website (or a section of it) dedicated to Tuscany, where you talk about art and culture, food and wine traditions, or maybe the natural beauty of our region?

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play.visittuscany.com (or playyourtuscany.com) is a subdomain of visittuscany.com that gathers the following engagement/collaboration projects with influencers and, more generally, digital storytellers and Tuscany lovers:
  • Guest posts: a call aimed at bloggers, writers and digital storytellers interested in producing exclusive content for visittuscany.com
  • Instagram Takeover: a project aimed at promoting Tuscany as a destination through engaging digital storytellers (bloggers, Instagrammers, photographers and videomakers) that, in agreement with the staff of visittuscany.com, take over the @visittuscany Instagram for a day (or multiple days).
  • Blog tour: a project aimed at promoting Tuscany as a destination through engaging digital storytellers (bloggers, photographers and videomakers) in blog tours/thematic itineraries occasionally organized by the staff at visittuscany.com. During the blog tours, participants produce live content on their own social media channels while, following the tour, they produce content in the form of articles, photographs and videos to publish on visittuscany.com and to relaunch through the digital network of ttuscany.com and Fondazione Sistema Toscana.
  • Testimonials/Tuscany Faces: a project that aims to introduce Tuscany through the faces and stories of the people who represent the best of the region in the fields of craftsmanship/art, science, cuisine and business. Anyone can become an ambassador of Tuscany, telling their own story on their Instagram profile with the hashtag #TuscanyFaces.
  • Affiliation/Visit Tuscany Mates: a project that entails affiliating the blogs/websites of digital storytellers dedicated (even partially) to Tuscany with visittuscany.com. “Mates” produce one (or more) guest post (articles with photos or video) for visittuscany.com, and at the same time, are given a badge/banner by the staff of Visit Tuscany that they can publish on their website with a direct link to visittuscany.com.
The content produced by collaborators through projects tied to play.visittuscany.com will be examined and, if suitable, published on visittuscany.com and promoted on the channels related to the digital network of the official website Destinazione Toscana as well as projects managed by the Fondazione Sistema Toscana. The Instagram Takeover is the only exception, which entails the production and publication of content directly by collaborators, although this will be done under the supervision of the staff at visittuscany.com.

The general conditions for visittuscany.com also apply to play.visittuscany.com, its subsections and candidacy forms for the various projects.

With regards to the aforementioned, by clicking on a specific checkbox, all participants declare to be the exclusive owner of the rights of the texts and multimedia content produced throughout the projects tied play.visittuscany.com that they participate in, and to transfer their exclusive rights of the materials (photos, videos and written texts) to Fondazione Sistema Toscana, authorizing all uses for social media posts and for the accounts overseen by the Fondazione Sistema Toscana network.

By sending this form, participants accept the present rule and declare to understand and fully accept the aforementioned general conditions of visittuscany.com, agreeing to publication and sharing, in all manners, of the materials produced. The projects tied to play.visittuscany.com are non-profit making and promotional for the Fondazione Sistema Toscana; participants declare to release the Fondazione Sistema Toscana of all responsibility regarding the use of the aforementioned materials. Participants also release the Fondazione Sistema Toscana all of responsibility regarding the possible publication of materials that are inappropriate or do not conform to the guidelines listed in this box.

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