Tuscany Mates
Request our badge for your website!

Do you have a blog or a storytelling website in Italian or English that brilliantly describes Tuscan identity, where you talk about art and culture, our food & wine traditions or perhaps how to enjoy the many beauties of nature our region has to offer?

Request our Tuscany Mate badge and become part of our “Hall of Fame” on play.visittuscany.com!

Who can request a Visit Tuscany badge?

You can get a badge if:

  • You have a blog/website (or a column on your blog/website) that talks about Tuscan identity though travel tips, in-depth looks at certain themes, stories or recipes
  • Your content and photos are original and in line with the editorial or communications style of visittuscany.com
  • Your website has a visual identity as well as adequate usability standards and user experience design

In accordance with our mission and editorial strategy, badges will not be given to personal blogs or websites dedicated to reviews, e-commerce and/or promoting commercial activities.

Types of badges available

There are two kinds of badges available for our Mates:

  • Travel Mate, for blogs/websites that offer travel tips and in-depth looks about Tuscany in general
  • Kitchen Mate, for blogs/websites dedicated to Tuscan food & wine
What to do to get a “Visit Tuscany” badge and what you need to know:
  1. Fill out the form and send us your candidacy (link below)
  2. Once you’ve been accepted, we will ask you to send us a guest post (idea, itinerary, time-based tour or recipe) that can be published on visittuscany.com, with a brief biography and a photo of you
  3. When your guest post is published, we will send you the badge to put on the homepage of your blog/website (with a link to Visit Tuscany). You will then be part of our Hall of Fame, the name of the affiliation section on this website
  4. At the same time your guest post is published, we will also create your author page on visittuscany.com, with your photo and bio and links to your blog/website and social media channels. Click here to see an example of an author page.