Instagram Takeover
Become our special reporter!

Help us tell our friends all over the world about the countless facets that make Tuscany so enjoyable and unique! You will take over Visit Tuscany’s Instagram account for a day and get in touch with our followers through both the regular feed and Instagram Stories. Are you ready to become our special reporter?

Wondering about requirements?

We’re looking for English-speaking bloggers, photographers, videomakers or journalists who also are Instagram addicts. But above all, the most important requirement is quite easy to fulfil: you need to be deeply in love with Tuscany! :)

This is an open call.

No dates, no theme, no locations, the choice is up to you! We would like you to show YOUR Tuscany on our Instagram account, so we decided to give you total freedom. Pick from your favourite Tuscan experiences, choose the date and submit the application. Need some examples? Your favourite hiking trail, the free hot springs you love the most or the hidden secrets of your town or area will do. We’re very, very eager to discover where you’re going to take us!

How it works in detail.
  1. First of all, fill in the form on this website (link below) and submit your application, making the most of the text fields: tell us why we should hire YOU for our Takeover. Share with us your ideas about the date, theme(s) and location(s) you chose and about how you would structure your takeover. Very important to note: keep in mind that all the content you’ll be producing during the takeover will need to be in English!
  2. We’ll choose our special reporters depending upon the quality of the proposal: if you’re one of the lucky folks, we’ll get in touch with you!
  3. Once contact is made, we would like you to start sharing on your blog and social media accounts the news that you are going to get involved in our Instagram Takeover. Invite your friends and followers to follow our Instagram account in order to maximize your and our visibility when THE moment comes. Furthermore, we strongly suggest you to set up a “plan of attack”: gather information on the place you’re going to visit and draft an outline of the moments that will make up your story. Remember, planning is essential!
  4. Finally, we get to the day of the actual take over: you’ll be submitting content directly on Visit Tuscany's Instagram account. Enjoy your time and make sure you fill up our followers’ hearts with Tuscan love!

Note that we will provide reimbursement for your help!