Blog Tour
Explore Tuscany with us!

From time to time we organize thematic blog tours to promote our region with the help of digital storytellers from all over the world. In a nutshell, we put together a team of bloggers, photographers and videomakers, we explore a bit of Tuscany and then - live through social media and after in the form of articles, photos and videos - participants provide us with an account of their own experience.

During our blog tours we embark on lots of fun activities: hikes, spa sessions, visits to museums and other cultural attractions, cooking lessons, horse rides and boat tours are just a few examples of what you can expect (we could go on and on!). Activities always vary according to the thematic focus of the itinerary.

Of course, wandering around the region also means indulging in Tuscan food & wine traditions, meaning that you’ll also have the chance to taste the best local specialties!

What happens once the application is submitted.

After you submit your application (link below), your name will be added to our database of digital storytellers candidates.

When we’re ready to start a new blog tour adventure, if you’re among those selected, we’ll reach out to you. The selection is based on many aspects, depending on the focus of your blog/website, your audience, the quality of your pics and videos, and more.

Note that applications don’t have an expiration date, that means that you shouldn’t worry in case your name hasn’t been picked yet. You might still be asked to join the party for the next blog tour.

Last but not least, consider that we’ll provide a forfait payment for your help!