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Judy Witts Francini

Judy lives in the hills between Florence and Siena, she is a cooking teacher and a food writer. On Divina Cucina she writes about products, recipes and food itineraries around Tuscany.

Leonardo Romanelli

Long ago, Leonardo decided to be a modern-day Anton Ego, the food critic from Ratatouille, but he’s also worked in the wine world for years. He lives his days as a curious writer and food journalist.

Giulia Scarpaleggia

Juls' Kitchen transports you to a Tuscan kitchen, showing you the honest and seasonal food of Tuscany in beautiful photography, telling you the stories that are often the inspiration behind a recipe.

Coral Sisk

Coral is an Italy-based writer and leads the food blog called Curious Appetite. She blogs about eating drinking well in Florence, Italy and wherever curiosity takes her.

Amy Gulick

On The Bittersweet Gourmet, Amy writes about Italian feast day traditions, forgotten foodways and folklore, and food-related trends and issues.

Alice del Re

Alice is a Tuscan food blogger sharing her best recipes and favorite readings on Pane, libri e nuvole.

Francesca Fantoni

Francesca is a sommelier AIS, passionate about cooking, wine and travelling. On The black fig, she writes about Tuscan traditional products, local recipes and wine.

Elisa Scarton Detti

Foreigner-turned-local, Elisa writes a blog about Tuscany and the Maremma, in hopes of inspiring other intrepid travellers to get a taste of ‘la dolce vita’.